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Anite Share Chat :

picobird 18:48:37 16/04/2015
SPT down 5.5% today. Will have to look into that - purely out of interest. They are due to report Q1 & I fancy the figures may be weak. The sp does tend to blow hot & cold. Still fancy them over 12 months though.
werty5 02:31:50 16/04/2015
I am a little bit encouraged by the rise in the price yesterday and it's associated volume perhaps it could be the bounce I was looking for when I brought in???? A little bit late but hopefully my timing was not too bad. Still a wait and see how the price performs over the next few weeks before celebrating the champagne is still on ice.
deanowls 00:56:24 10/04/2015
Apologies Pico, no offence actually meant to you, it's probably more frustration that this doesn't move, last updates have been decent but despite the stock market being at highs nothing has really moved this share in over a year. I wouldn't mind trading it but there is no movement and once dealing fees are taken into account I struggle to see the attraction.
deanowls 13:42:39 09/04/2015
Pico, you've gone from telling everyone what is happening to Anite (quite useful and informative) to talking a load of ballacks, long term, short term, it's done nothing, it's doing nothing there's no real movement but now your trading it like some financial ninja. Tosh
rathlindri 18:44:47 01/04/2015
Interesting strategy pico. How do you know when the share price is going to drop so that you can sell (before the drop) and then "benefit from any negatives" by presumably buying back in at a lower price?? Sounds great but surely there is just as much chance you'll get it wrong as get it right? Crystal ball?
Salpara111 16:56:33 30/03/2015
I dont pass judgement on Anite, nor do the mostly clueless brokers! the market does! Winning awards does not pay my Mercedes Lease! A rising share price and dividends do that! Yes it has dropped 1p today on top of the 75.5 pence it has shed over the last 2 years! If it looks like a Turkey and gobbles like one then guess what....It is a Turkey!
werty5 10:20:01 30/03/2015
Oh well unless we get a bounce back today that seems to have blown my chart theory out of the water. Still happy where I have brought judging by the last statement and this being the all important last quarter I still have faith the price will recover soon.
Tatsfield 10:14:43 21/03/2015
No Werty, I used to live in the area but not in that village. It's just a random internet name that I used to use in online gaming and has its own hotmail address so I continue to use it because I own it.
picobird 12:26:36 19/03/2015
Looked like a tree shake but turned out to be a drop in the sp to equal out buys & sells. TBH although AIE is my best share ( on merit ), my holdings change on a weekly basis. Tatsfield hit the spot regarding the sp. The sp looks 'ripe' for that bounce now. FWIW, for anyway wanting to buy in, now might just be the right time.DYOR
GerdMuller 11:38:01 19/02/2015
Chart beginning to look extremely attractive. Breaks through one year high and others might start to get interested. Forward PE doesn't equal forward eps growth until price is at 110p. So looks ok to me.
DONNYDAVE 12:40:51 17/02/2015
No intention of getting out waiting for trading update Zoo have nearly 42 million subtitles stored all potential profit. Keeping Hold of both Zoo and Anite for the time being. If you don,t want to invest then at least add them to your watch list. Both are long term investments.
GerdMuller 12:03:05 17/02/2015
Looks like it’s up 20 percent on about £20k traded. These little cos are great if you are prepared to take the risk and accept the lack of liquidity and sometimes you can make a fortune on them. But looking at the chart the people buying at 60p probably wouldn't agree with that. I think I'm safer with these.

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