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In recent years, ADVFN has been expanding it's global reach from the UK, creating stock market data sites for the rest of the world.





 Asia  Italy
 Australia  Japan
 Brazil  Mexico
 Finance Manila  Switzerland
 France  Canada
 Germany  USA
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ADVFN now covers many stock exchanges across the globe - more than any of it's European competitors. ADVFN currently provides stock price data from the following exchanges:


Athens Indices
Athens Stock Exchange
Australian Stock Exchange
BM&F - Brazilian Commodities
Brazil Bovespa Exchange
Brazilian Indicators
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
COMEX Commodities Exchange
Copenhagen Stock Exchange
Deutsche Boerse Indices
Euronext LIFFE
FTSE Indices
GTIS Forex
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Hong-Kong Futures Exchange
Italian Stock Exchange
LIFFE Equities
LIFFE Interest Rates
London Stock Exchange

NASDAQ Indices
NASDAQ Stock Market
New York Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange Indices

NEX Exchange
NYMEX Commodities Exchange
Pink Sheets
Standard & Poors Indices
Stockholm Stock Exchange
Tokyo Stock Exchange
Toronto Stock Exchange
TSX Venture Exchange
UK Managed Funds
XETRA (Deutsche Boerse)
American Stock Exchange