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Portfolio/ Portfolio Help Overview

Portfolio Overview

Portfolio allows you to record your trading activity. It gives you a realistic interpretation of your trading performance including adjustments for trading costs against 15min delayed prices.

Don’t use portfolio to follow share prices. Portfolio prices are 15min delayed. If you wish to see streaming real-time stock lists use monitor.

Portfolio is not a portal to a broker. Adding a buy is merely an entrance in a data base it will not mean that you have actually committed yourself to buy or sell anything.

This means you can set up fantasy portfolios and test out your trading theories systematically.

Portfolio Help Overview
These help screens are split in to two sections Portfolio and Tutorial.

Portfolio section
The Portfolio section from which you would have selected this screen lists in detail all portfolio screens functionality and table contents etc.

Tutorial section
Gives you a procedural approach to portfolio. How to get started, entering a buy and sell, editing cashbook, viewing information.

There is some repitition between the two sections and links between them where appropriate.

To enter Tutorial Click here.

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